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Admission Information

Academic Year: 2017/2018


Duration: 3 years

Positions and scholarships: 7 positions with scholarship

Call deadline: May 29, 2017 at 01:00 PM (Expired)

Doctoral programme start date: Nov 01, 2017

How to apply for a PhD programme

Admission to the PhD program is based on examination, which takes place in the fall (for courses starting the following January). The examination will evaluate both the background and the potential for research of the candidate. All candidates are evaluated on their curriculum, statement of purpose (brief research project), and letters of reference. The admission committee will short-list some of the candidates, who will be asked to attend an oral interview. For Italian candidates this is an in-person oral examination. For foreigners, the interview can take place with other means (e.g., video conference on Internet).

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Phd in Computer Science and Engineering XXXIII Cycle
Call for application and Phd Programme table