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Phd Students in Former Computer Science Programme


Full NameThesis
Anna Chiara Bellini
Simone Buoncompagni
Giacomo Domeniconi


Alberto Cappai
Saverio Giallorenzo
Daniela Loreti
Stefano Mariani
Giulia Martini

Alioscia Petrelli
Catia Prandi

Elena Rocchi




XXVII cycle

Full NameThesis
Amadini Roberto

Portfolio Approaches in Constraint Programming

Bedogni Luca Cooperative Cognitive Wireless Networks over TV White and Gray Spaces
Bertini Flavio

A new 3D modelling paradigm for discrete model

Calderoni Luca Distributed Smart City Services for Urban Ecosystems
Poggi Francesco Structural patterns for document engineering: from an empirical bottom-up analysis to an ontological theory
Profiti Giuseppe Graph algorithms for bioinformatics

Rioli Alessandro

Strappaveccia Francesco

Many-core Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization


XXVI cycle

Full NameThesis
Baldovin Andrea

Operating System Contribution to Composable Timing Behaviour in High-Integrity Real-Time Systems

Bujari Armir Opportunistic Data Gathering and Dissemination in Urban Scenarios
Dardha Ornela Type Systems for Distributed Programs: Components and Sessions
Lascu Tudor Automatic Deployment of Applications in the Cloud
Navarin Nicolò Learning with Kernels on Graphs: DAG-based kernels, data streams and RNA function prediction
Nuzzolese Andrea Knowledge Patterns for the Web: extraction, tranformation and reuse
Pellitta Giulio Extending Implicit Computational Complexity and Abstract Machines to Languages with Control

XXV cycle

Full NameThesis
Adamou Alessandro An architecture for scaling ontology networks
Barabucci Gioele A universal delta model
Burattin Andrea Applicability of Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments
Parisen Toldin Paolo Implicit computational complexity and probabilistic classes
Possamai Lino Multidimensional analysis of complex networks
Savojardo Castrense Machine-learning methods for structure prediction of β-barrel membrane proteins
Zuppiroli Sara Probabilistic Recursion Theory and Implicit Computational Complexity

XXIV cycle

Full NameThesis
Camporesi Ferdinanda
Deepack Madhavamandiram
Mauro Jacopo Constraints meet concurrency
Mezzetti Enrico Cache-aware development of high integrity real-time systems
Muratori Ludovico Antonio
Turroni Francesco Fingerprint Recognition: Enhancement, Feature Extraction and Automatic Evaluation of Algorithms
Puech Matthias Certificates for Incremental Type Checking